Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4

(Just so you know, our Dad's birthday is this week, as this email suggests. However, he is not turning 67, as this email also suggests... funny kid)

Well Hey There!

This week was so great! I am getting more and more settled in every day! I can truly say that I felt all your prayers of comfort, and I can't say enough thanks. You are the greatest dang family ever. Or in Kolby's words.. "You are the dang greatest family ever."

I want to tell you about some of our investigators! There are a lot.. So I will talk about a few of them. 

*Winifred: Winifred is a sweet middle-aged woman with two young kids. Her husband left her, and refuses to help them out, so she works every day from 6 in the morning til about 7 at night. She owns a little shop, and that's where we see her everyday. She has been so so receptive to our message. She asks the most wonderful and inspired questions, and listens to our answers intently. One thing that truly makes her special is that whenever we ask her to make and keep a commitment or a commandment, she responds ".... Of Course.." kind of like ..."Duh! Why wouldn't I!?" If only every person we talked to, in or outside of our church, had that same mentality.

*Doris: Doris is dating the Ward Clerk in our ward. She is a strong member of a different church, and is hesitant of what people in her other church (particularly her pastor guy) will think of her if she joins our church. On Thursday we had a very spiritual lesson with her about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and she committed to pray if the message was true or not. When we saw her on Saturday she humbly told us that she felt the spirit when she prayed, and that she knew it was true. She is going to be baptized on the 9th! This Saturday! 

*Brite: Brite is such a stud. He is about 23 years old, and is a barber. He told us in our first lesson "I want to join your church." It was quite the shock. We have seen him about four times since, and every time, he has had more and more awesome questions about how our church works.  He is keeping all of the commitments, except for coming to church.. He works on Sundays and says that he can't leave unless somebody takes his shift. He said he will keep praying for it to happen. We told him that when God gives a commandment, he always provides a way we can accomplish it. That gave him a lot of hope.

Those are just a few of the investigators we are teaching. 11 People (including these three) have committed to entering the waters of baptism. We are continually praying for all of them! 

The people of Ghana are very very God fearing. There are different churches everywhere! Tons of them! All claiming to be true. They love to hear and talk about God, and Jesus Christ. They all want to be saved! If you ask someone how they are, 85 percent of them will say "By God's grace." So when a missionary asks for a few minutes to share a message about Jesus Christ, they immediately say "Sure! Sure! Come sit down!" and they go on with a lesson. Many will be very interested and will want to be baptized as soon as possible. As soon as they are baptized they go inactive... That's how it has worked.. 

When President Judd became the Mission President he started to encourage missionaries to "Find the Elect", to find those that have truly been prepared by God to RECEIVE the Gospel. So as missionaries, we rely heavily on the Spirit. We pray that when we meet people, that we will be able to discern whether they are truly ready for the Gospel or not. It's very very cool, and I believe we are finding some truly elect people who will be leaders in this church til the end. Please pray for them.

Shaunski!.. (Shauni): Keep up the good work in Softball! I wish so badly I could see you play! I miss you like crazy my angel! Remember who you are! and remember to never forget the taste of cold chocolate milk running down your throat... Cause I have. 

Gageums!.. (Gage): Cross Country! Atta babe! That's so sweet! Let me know how it goes! Have such a fun week at Scout Camp! Obey all of your leaders and elders! They will keep you safe :)

Chanceums!.. (Chance): Good luck with Scout Camp this week! That is so fun! I wish I could be going with you. Remember to be an example to all the younger boys. I know you will :) Be safe! and... I feel inclined to say that since I've been on a mission, I have been given great powers that will affect the rest of my life... One of them being The Power of Super Smash. Be ready in two years for my wrath. 

Bridget! (Beegums) ... (Brady): Miss your humor. like bad! Remember to take good notes in Institute for me! And.. keep kicking trash in basketball. Don't let anger get the best of you.. Not good. 

Brinleyski and Chach: (I wouldn't put your real nickname on here): I am so excited for you two! Marriage is absolutely wonderful! I'm excited for two nephews when I get home! First one better be named Gerritt, and the Second one, Gerritt.  

Kadan, Trish, J, Moch, and Luke: I miss my Nephews!!! Just the other morning, I woke up to a baby crying at our front door, and I thought I was back home on a weekend! Bout made me cry! You are all so great. I dream about Trish's BBQ Baked Beans.. 

Shel, J'effe, and Jax!: Shelb.. I always knew you would see the light! Keep watching Avatar and teaching it to your family. Add the gospel as well. It is so great! I can't wait to see how big and grown up Jax will be when I get home. Thank you so much for the e-mail, and know that I love you three so much. Hopefully I will be loving you four soon...?

My Mommy: You are the greatest mom in the whole world. I will argue that till the bitter end. I miss your food like crazy!! 

Padre (Dad): Holy cow!! 67 this week!!!! I am so bummed I'm missing your birthday! I hope it is absolutely amazing! You will be getting a letter from me very soon! :)

I love you all so so much! More than you could know! I know the lord will continue to bless you as you strive to keep all the commandments. I pray for you all every night. The Church is so so so true!! It changes lives. Not just the lives of those that aren't members, but those already in the Church. Live it to the max my Family. As I know you have, and will.   

-Your Son, Brother, Friend, Punk, and Thing, 

Elder Bradley

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