Write Elder Bradley

Email him at:

Write him at the MTC:
(he will only be there 3 weeks)

Elder Gerritt Bradley
Ghana Accra Mission
Ghana Missionary Training Center
Community 10
Hospital Road

Write him at the Mission Home:
(after the 3 weeks at the MTC are done)

Elder Gerritt Bradley
Ghana Accra Mission
P.O. Box 2585 - Main
Accra, Ghana

Send Packages:
(this is also after the 3 weeks at the MTC)
Make sure to read what his letter said about sending packages to Ghana. Do your best to make it so he doesn't have to pay out of his own pocket to get a package. Missionaries are poor.

"Packages sent by Fed Ex or DHL arrive without delays or fees and can be traced. Large packages sent via the post office take longer, are often lost, and require the missionary to pay (out of his own subsistence) a large customs fee, which is often higher than the value of the contents.

"Recommended: The USPO Priority Mail Flat Rate Mailing Envelope ($13.95) or Box ($13.95) which is rarely charged a customs fee or opened by the post office. Several small packages could be sent rather than one large package."

Elder Gerritt Bradley
Ghana Accra Mission
#6 Tenth Avenue
East Ridge
Accra, Ghana

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